Friday, 23 May 2014


I thought it was time I finally got around to posting something. About a year (or so) ago there was a large "World Music Megapost" very generously uploaded by a Disject Membra, but within a few months of being uploaded, the blog and the links were deleted (the blog has now re-appeared but the post has not). So I thought I would re-upload some of my favourite albums from that post, along with a few albums that have been deleted or are difficult to access on other blogs, due to poor uploading and organising (We Love Music for example). About a quarter of the albums have scans included. Enjoy!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Iles Trobriand. Papua New Guinea

Another great album from the Prophet (Charles Duvelle) collection, recorded in 1974. Tonally, some of the music is very atypical from the rest of the music I have heard from New Guinea, particularly the singing, though the Trobriand Islands are seperated by quite a distance so it makes sense. Some of the singing reminds me of singing from Bulgaria oddly enough. Booklet included.
Also, here is a (very good) film from the late 70's made about the music of the Trobriands, Kama Wosi: Music in the Trobriand Islands.


I will let the music and the extensive liner notes of both these releases speak for themselves. Both are incredible.
Disc One/Disc Two
Excerpts can be heard here. (I tried to upload a song but it was deleted by Soundcloud.) 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Chants Wagogo

Since the first time that I heard music of the Wagogo (Gogo) people I have been completely bewildered by and addicted to their amazing music. Included in this post is the Inedit album which first introduced me to their music and the Ocoras that I subsequently bought after hearing it. The Ocoras have the liner notes included but since I do not own the Inedit album I was not able to scan the booklet and I have re-uploaded it since the original post has been deleted. VDE Gallo also have released an album of Gogo music which I will one day buy and share too!